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Main Street Websites

Websites for "Main Street" instead of "Wall Street".

Main Street websites feature a simple and easy to use way of managing your website's content. No complicated control panels, no installation process, and no need for any technical knowledge. Simply login as an Administrator and enter the content what you want on each page of your website.

Alloy for .NET

ALLOY expedites .NET application development, so we can get to work on business functionality instead of infrastructure.

Software developers want to be creative. ALLOY does not produce user interface code. It features a tool that allows .NET developers to quickly build an API over a database and skip the coding required to communicate with a database. This frees developers to start working on the fun stuff, developing creative interfaces, sooner.


Web Design

HTML / Photoshop / XD

Web Development

.NET / LAMP / JamStack

Database Design and Development

SQL Server / MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / FireBase


Custom Template Development